Massage of Trinity / Lotus YOGA

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Saturday 4/18/15

11AM ~ 1PM

Cost: $15

Angela Brunda

Learn how to stimulate the circulatory, nervous, and endocrine systems of the body, open your energy channels, and discover hidden youth from within.

KEY SYSTEMS AND ENERGY POINTS will be learned, discussed and explored.
To complete this experience we will have a thirty minute Yoga practice. Angela will be gifting Aromatherapy oils to participates!

 Saturday  May 2, 2015 11AM to 12:30PM  ($12)

"WELL-BEING FOR YOU" with Debbie Plotkin

is a unique presentation of subtle movements & deep breathing.

Enjoy healing affirmations along with effective techniques for stress relief,

pain management & much more. Join Debbie for a one-of-a-kind experience

designed for you to live a life of well-being!

Debbie is a EFT and Qigong Practitioner:

Debbie has been a health enthusiast for the last decade following her son's diagnosis with Heavy Metal Toxicity, among a host of other food and environmentally related allergies. Through diligent research, on-going education, and endless experimentation, Debbie discovered the remarkable results achieved through the practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). With continued practice, along with the addition of other healing modalities, Debbie fine-tuned the EFT process to accommodate the needs of her son and - voilĂ ! - I TAP was born. Once she achieved such amazing results, Debbie knew she had to share this process with the world. Having presented this unique I TAP technique for EFT - as well as having taught her distinctive form of I TAP Qigong - to hundreds of clients and students, Debbie is thrilled to be sharing it with everyone at Massage of Trinity. Come find out how Debbie can help you achieve inner peace, well-being and joy :)

Call 727-372-9800727-372-9800 to preregister for these very exciting workshops in our studio Lotus YOGA!