Massage of Trinity


Massage of Trinity and Lotus Yoga Focus on Your Health in Body, Mind and Spirit 

By Katie Thomas
Neighborhood News January 2014

One of the hidden gems in New Port Richey area is Massage of Trinity/Lotus YOGA. It is tucked away in a serene little corner next to the Zen Forrest on Rowan Road.Massage of Trinity focuses on health in mind, body and spirit. Provides the local community with full Massage services, Skin Care, Yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Adult Core Ballet and workshops that help you on your journey to well-being. Located on Rowan Road, Massage of Trinity is tucked away in a serene environment; when you step through the front doors, you will feel as if you have entered a retreat. Thewonderful staff is completely committed to caring for guests as individuals, with the belief that everyone is a unique miracle of creation. Massage of Trinity uses a combination of modalities to assist guests in the facilitation of healing within the body and accompanies you on your path to reaching all of your wellness goals. 

Cecilia Martinez opened Massage of Trinity in 2011 with a goal to give people a place to feel good and find peace of mind. Ceci had a dream to create an opportunity to help others, while also keeping her family close. Originally from New Hampshire, Ceci and her family set a goal to all live in Florida near each other. “I had a vision and a beautiful plan to open a center that all my children could be involved in and be together as family,” says Ceci. We have been in Florida for seven years now and I have been able to watch my grandchildren growing up, while pursuing my passion as a therapist. This is a dream come true in the making.”  

Ceci attended the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH, where she learned the healing effects of Eastern Medicine and massage treatments. Massage of Trinity focuses on taking care of the whole self in an intimate, relaxing environment. You will be swept away in good feelings, vibrations and positive energy while visiting Massage of Trinity. Ceci says, “Our center has a very Eastern and Zen feel to it, but we want people to know that this is not about any sort of religion––our atmosphere is to help people relax, teach compassion through our actions and remind people to connect with their higher consciousness.” 

Massage of Trinity blends all types of elements during massage in order to assist you in feeling your best. “We work according to each individual’s needs, tailoring each massage to fit their lifestyle,” says Ceci. “Our massage therapists are very diversified in their backgrounds and cultures, which allows our guests to experience a unique blend of talents. I think we have the best group of therapists within the vicinity. There are no egos here and we truly are a family – connected and unified with no competition.”  

The massage menu is extensive and tailored to fit you as an individual. Each client’s experience at Massage of Trinity is unique and adapted to his or her personality and lifestyle. Often, during a massage, the therapists will add additional elements into treatment at no extra cost, such as energy stones, cupping, aromatherapy and other modalities.  

The massage menu includes: Thai Massage, Four-Hand Massage, Couples Massage, Organic Spa Reflexology, Bamboo Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Myofascia Release, Pre-Natal Massage, Therapeutic Massage/Neuromuscular, Reiki Energy, Healing Touch, Rejuv Swedish Massage and Bhakti Massage.  

Try a Thai Massage to open and tone the systems within your body. Thai massage is very similar to doing yoga on a table; the massage therapist will stretch you and apply pressure with gentle rocking and rhythmic compression's and guided breathing to give you a full stretch massage. The Four-Hand massage originates from ancient Ayurveda and involves two therapists working in harmony. Couples massages are the perfect gift to connect with a loved one in your life, whether it is your significant other, friend or special family member. The Couples Massage room, Harmony, is the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy a full-body treatment that is intensely relaxing and rejuvenating. One of my favorite massage treatments is the Hot Stone Massage; a relaxing and restorative treatment that utilizes warm river stones and hands to penetrate deep into the muscle. The heat from the stones radiates throughout specific parts of the body to relieve tension and stress trapped inside the muscles.  

Ceci says, “While we provide a service, we strive to empower guests on their personal path to healing. Massage should not be seen as a luxury but as an investment in their wellness. I am so grateful for my team of wonderful massage therapists. Thank you to Bill, Donna Joyce, Cenia, Carmen, and Christy for their excellence in commitment to Massage of Trinity.”  

Massage is an excellent alternative to treat pain for many people. Instead of opting towards pharmaceuticals, visit Massage of Trinity for your therapeutic restorative session, whether for deep muscle aches, sports strains or just a moment to de-stress. You will find that Massage of Trinity’s therapists’ attention to detail and exceptional skill will benefit you in mind, body and spirit.  

Yoga, Acupuncture & Skin Care Too!

Massage of Trinity has recently expanded in space and services, adding an additional 992 square feet and now offering yoga with Lotus Yoga, as well as Acupuncture and a Full Skin Care Bar. With six RYT certified instructors in yoga and more than twenty 75-minute classes a week to choose from, the Lotus Yoga center at Massage of Trinity has classes for everyone. Whether you are in search of Power yoga, Hatha yoga, Tai Chi, Gentle Stretch yoga or Adult Core Ballet, the Lotus Yoga center is intimate, friendly and tuned to providing you with a relaxing atmosphere to reconnect.  

Ceci says, “We wanted to incorporate Yoga, Skin Care and Acupuncture in order to give our guests well-balanced options for their journey to health. Our classes are for all levels and all of our instructors have a lot of experience in different forms of yoga, Tai Chi and Adult Core Ballet. Tai Chi is really taking off – it is a very progressive type of class because you build your knowledge and strength with each class you take. Our Adult Core Ballet focuses on core strength because as adults age, we lose our balance and flexibility. Each class, including yoga, is go at your own pace and we never want you to do anything that feels uncomfortable. We coach you to do what you can, while receiving the full benefits from each pose.” Ceci would also like you to know they hold a weekly Metta Meditation guided by Bhante Dhammawansha  (Buddhist Monk) on Monday evenings. 

Ceci thanks all of her instructors for their cohesive goals in helping people find their balance. Try out Gentle Yoga with Jerry, Stretch Yoga with Alana, Hatha Yoga with Natalie, Hatha Flow Yoga with Jeanine, Restorative Yoga with Audrey, Tai Chi with Steve, Power Yoga with Antonio, or Adult Core Ballet with Florence. Lotus Yoga welcomes you to come find the class that best suits you.  

Yoga instructor and Reiki Master, Jerri, says, “We have all these great therapists here. The yoga instructors and massage therapists are all very diversified. We all have a common goal and purpose here, which is educating our guests in finding wholeness in health through balance, energy and consciousness.”  

The Acupuncture at the Massage of Trinity facility is very traditional and authentic.  Educated  in  China,  
Dr.Yee Shing Lee works with our guests to find alternative ways to heal them individually and even takes the extra step in preparing herbs to continue the treatment at home.   

The Skin Care suite in order to give guests a place to receive natural skin care treatments in addition to professional makeup and botanical skin care lines. The Skin Care suite offers the whole gambit, from waxing to facials and makeup. Estheticians Ning and Kathy work one-on-one with guests to help them build a personalized skin care routine. Beauty Therapy by Ning offers botanical products that have no artificial ingredients. Everything is made in America and chosen based on your skin type. At the Skin Care suite you can receive an all-natural facial, purchase at home products for healthy hair and skin and find the perfect mineral makeup for your skin.  

The vibe at Massage of Trinity and Lotus Yoga is completely relaxing, serene and inviting offering an escape where you can find harmony and balance within yourself.